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PetProtect is a pet insurance company that provides coverage for veterinary expenses.

PetProtect wanted a redesign for their website with UX and UI optimization and a focus on responsive design and a better user flow.

Background: PetProtect was launched several years ago and had a simple design. However, over time, the website had become cluttered because of new offerings added randomly, and the user flow had become confusing for users. As a result, the conversion rates had decreased and customer satisfaction had declined.


To improve the overall user experience and increase conversion rates by streamlining the user journey and making it more intuitive.


  • Balancing user needs and business goals
  • Displaying all insurance offers equally on mobile devices


Improved User Journey

Reduced amount of time and effort required for users to complete tasks such as concluding an insurance, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

Increased Conversion Rates

Helping users quickly and easily find what they are looking for, which lead to higher conversion rates.

Enhanced User Satisfaction

The experience of using the website is now more enjoyable and intuitive for users. This lead to an increased user satisfaction and loyalty with a smaller bouncing rate.

Improved Responsive Design

Before the redesign, users had a lot of frustrations using the website on mobile devices. Although around 60% of the users from PetProtect are mobile users the website wasn’t designed for that. This rapidly changed with our mobile first redesign and also led to a decrease of the bouncing rate and an increase in conversions on mobile devices.