• Amplitude Finance GmbH
  • Redesign 
UX Designer



With Amplitude, you can keep track on your financial situation in its entirety. A comprehensive solution for managing your funds, always in your pocket.

Amplitude wanted to redesign their app, optimize UX and UI  and improve the user flow. Also, they had a couple of new features in mind which should be added to the existing UX structure.

Background: Amplitude was launched several years ago and had a clean, focussed design, however, over time, the app had become cluttered because of new features being added randomly, whilst ignoring the already existing UX structure and user flow.


Improve the overall user experience and add new features whilst optimizing the user flow and customer journey.


  • Balancing user needs and business goals
  • Improving the existing user flow whilst adding new complex features
  • Making complex features of the app intuitive and easy for the user


Improved User Flow

Reduced amount of time and effort required for users to complete tasks such as concluding an insurance, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

Enhanced User Satisfaction

The experience of using the website is now more enjoyable and intuitive for users. This lead to an increased user satisfaction and loyalty with a smaller bouncing rate.